Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Y.O.L.O. - You Only Love Once

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Search with me the right way,Let's step out of the darkness -take my hand, let us swayhigh above all worldliness,that once used to make me feel so hopeless.

Speak with me, the holy word of God,the only truth,
spread with me the precious wisdom He taughtLet's embrace our souls with His peace, so soft and smooth.

Abstain with me, from this world's shining beauty,Let's quench our thirst with His sweet loveAdmonish me, every day to do my duty,Leave with me this world with the purity of doves.

We made mistakes, we erred and sinned,so turn with me to the road of light and feelHis endless mercy dancing around us like the wind Stay with me, inside this dreamy state that somehow turns to be real.

Lay down with me, your head and pray,for love doesn't have a better way -

Admire with me,
His countless miracles, subhanAllah,
seek with me, His eternally blowing garden,Pass with me, its mighty warden,be with me, for eternity, in shaa Allah.

Build with me, this home that stands on five,Five pillars in an everlasting summer -walk with me, towards the gates of Jannah,Praise with me forever, the One that gave us life.

Aug 30th 2012

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