Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Life Lessons #2 - The treasures of Allah

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم 

Everything we get from Allah tabarakuh wa ta'ala is a treasure.
Him being the most Merciful of mercifuls, the Creator of the entire universe and the Master and Sustainer of each and everything, it leaves no doubt that whatever He gives us is nothing but good for us.

So as human beings, always forgetting and full of mistakes, we walk through life with certain deficiences we are fully aware of. Weaknesses we want to get rid of when striving for perfection, gaps we want to fill and questions we want to have answered. 
Sometimes we expect them to get solved all by themselves or to find the answer in a supernatural envelope at our front door. Knowing that this will not happen, we start to despair, or, even worse, we stop caring about it.

Yet sometimes in life we meet certain people who bear inside exactly what we are looking for. Rather say, what we are in extreme need of. 
For example those kind of people whose behavior and conduct is so beautiful that it makes you feel ashamed of yourself. They treat you with so much love and respect, seem to encounter life without the slightest glimpse of pride or arrogance and never hesitate to openly say or do good to you. 
Also, there are certain people who have seemingly nothing. Maybe they do not have a lot of clothes, money or the likes. Maybe they even lost their families. But they still have the warmest smile, sincerely show their gratitude for everything and love their lives and the people in it.

However, their love for you is not proof for your beauty, but rather for theirs for perceiving you as somebody worthy of their love. And for not hesitating to share their love.

Sometimes these people even do not have a lot of Islamic knowledge  or look less "islamically", still they teach us the great lesson of having a noble, humble character.

Could it be that these people are the friends of Allah? The ones whom He loves and sends to us, so that we can learn from them and become His friend, as well?
Only Allah swt knows, but what we know for sure is that they are treasures He sends to us so that we take all the good and try to implement it inside our own character. 
In addition, we should never forget that anybody could be His friend, which makes it completely impossible for us to judge anybody by what we know of them. We only put burdens of sins on our shoulders when judging, since you never know how dear this very person might be to Allah swt.

May Allah swt not make us from those who oversee His treasures, but let us enter the circle of His Awliya, ignite and preserve the light of Islam inside us, so that we can shine the beauty of Islam over humanity.

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