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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"Long beard, white 'tunic' and a plaid shawl,
his wife walking behind him when they visit the mall -
She's silent, doesn't make a sound,
Both of their gazes kept stuck on the ground -
She's all covered up, can't even recognize the color of her hair,
And I just can't help but stare 
at her and at home she's probably being treated badly, how unfair -
I'm sure all he does is beat her,
His gaze obviously never meets her,
I mean, look at her, he only goes near her
But they don't hold hands,
they don't kiss, they don't hug and I'm sure they don't even understand
each other, a broken communication like a dictator and his country,
oppressed, silenced, harassed inside of his boundaries -
She's probably not even allowed to talk to others, let alone leaving the house,
these people just don't know how to treat a spouse -
I wonder whether they even know their neighbor's name?
Whether their kids are allowed to play any normal games 
or whether they have to keep calm the flame of their constantly angry dad,
'cause these people are inwardly bad,
I mean they're known for their violence and their primitvity,
their lack of reason and mind and their over-sensitivity -
Living a boring life without parties, alcohol, avoiding having fun,
Like a rageous pope and a criminal nun,
Living for their God and spreading violence like the rays of the sun -
He probably has some more wifes, maybe five, six or seven?
Like a king in his harem,
replacing the previous because she might've turned out barren -
I wonder: does she even take off that veil,
or does she still wear it in the shower, how can she be attractive to a male?
With her face without make-up so pale -
And since they are so medieval
I'm sure his job is something evil,
Or he doesn't even have a job nor does he care
About others in need so he absorbs welfare
I mean these people are all the same -
'Religion of peace' they claim
but 'terrorists' is what they will always remain"

Yeeees, thanks a lot - brothers & sisters, may I present:
an inside into the majority of our fellow men's heads -
How do I know, you ask? Well, then let me kindly explain,
that's your daily dose of hardcore cocaine
provided by the media who's forcing Muslims into this stereotyped frame,
intoxicating the nation, and now check out this fun fact:
These stereotypes didn't even exist about two decades back,
until then Islam was 'only' a religion out of many others,
but then some insanes turned up, killed in masses and blamed it on our brothers -
I don't have to retell the whole story, we already know,
it's just that all we have is our voices so we should not keep them low
and stop going with the flow and letting them think so
just because it's more comfortable to remain in the back, totally shy,
now to all Islamophobics: don't panic, I'm just encouraging to clarify,
since we don't need to justify, this religion is already fine
just the way it is, inside and outside -
it is these kind of people who need to justify themselves,
since it is their ignorance which effectively helps
to spread these horrible, inhuman images
and to support hating human beings due to their lineages
instead of judging after their personalities, stop stigmatizing after nationalities -
How can you offend a religion that teaches peace and humility?
This ignorance is a one-way-road to immedicable stupidity
and since I only wish good for humanity, I consider commenting my responsibility:

Why that beard and the white 'tunic'? Out of one single reason,
and he won't stop doing so, regardless of the season
and this plaid shawl he wears, what's that supposed to mean?
He's wearing it everyday, is it even clean?
Well, let me tell you, love is that reason for his way to dress,
love for his role model and for his brothers & sisters whose lives are a mess -
Wearing a beard and a 'tunic' because Muhammad did, peace be upon him,
the plaid shawl to remember his brothers & sisters living at the rim
of existence, some starving, some being tortured, some others shot,
this kufiya reminds him of masses of innocent people who rot
every day, every night, while we panic when getting a simple flu - 
can you even imagine what he has been through?
No, you can't, so stop pretending you could,
'cause asking is for free and the first thing you actually should -
You wonder why his gaze is stuck on the ground? It's simple:
He avoids other women since he wouldn't compare them to even one of her dimples,
his gaze is for his beloved wife only and for nobody else,
the only woman he would ever tell
how precious she is since she is the only one,
and by sticking his gaze on the floor he tells the world that there'll never be none
who could take her place and that pale face you asked?
It's because her beauty is a secret between her and her man,
the only man on earth who can
enjoy watching her in her full shining beauty -
She's not some random 'cutie' every guy can hook up with or flirt,
and to make this clear and protect his diamond he walks in front of her -
Did you know that she is the queen of her home?
That he would give her massages and fill the bathtub with foam
and that he wouldn't only do so one but every single day of the whole year
and that she doesn't have to feel any kind of fear 
since between them there is nothing but love and compassion,
thus she doesn't need any make-up or fashion,
'cause Muhammad (pbuh) taught us who's the best of men:
It's the one with the best character and out of them
it's the one who's the best to his lady, who does all he can
just to make her happy and now you might wonder why no one can see this love, I assume?
Because their tenderness is nobody's business and only belongs to their bedroom,
They don't exclaim their deepest, most intimate secrets out on the streets,
what would be the point to a diary that everyone can read?
Did you know 'Read!' was the first command of qur'anic revelation?
Did you know, Islam puts knowledge as a duty for every Muslim to gain elevation?
Did you know he has a degree in medicine and she got one in law,
did you know her memory is so well trained, she can remember most of the things she saw?
Did you know she can tell you a lot about literature like Goethe and Schiller?
Talking about welfare: did you know paying security tax is Islam's third pillar?
To care for the poor, the orphans, the widows and the old?
You might be surprised for these are things the media never told -
Did you know they would spend their free time by volunteering out of piety?
Because the prophet (pbuh) taught us to be useful to society
and did you know the Qur'an describes children as a lifelong bliss?
That Muhammad, peace be upon him, was the first one to kiss
his children and show them nothing but love in a society where little girls were buried?
Where their blood was shed like we do with fries and curry?
You wonder whether this man hurts them - did you know Islam makes loving humanity our burden?
Did you know due to abstaining from alcohol and party boosts Muslims are boosting with vitality?
Did you know Muslims are famous for practicing excellent hospitality?
And concerning their neighbors - their answer will be - I bet -
'They treat us like family, they are the nicest people we've ever met'
and guess what, I can tell you why they would do:
'Cause that's exactly what Islam teaches us to -
And this is only a tiny little part, did you know?
But they're trying to turn Islam into the world's foe
and I feel like nowadays it's almost forbidden

to speak or hear other than bad things about Islam, so I guess you didn't -
Now see what kind of a person Muhammad was - upon him be God's peace -
Teaching us to hate backbiting and to do good deeds without cease,
to try to always think good of people no matter how they are -
After almost 1500 years he still remained the star
to about 2 billion individuals worldwide and more are coming soon,
due to his deep wisdom, his unconditional love and his perfect rules,
due to teaching us to never judge a person until we haven't walked all his way in his shoes -

'Terrorists' is what we will always remain, you said?
Well, that's too bad, and it really makes me sad
to see how dull and senseless humanity became, it's a shame
and in fact the real terrorist is nobody but You,
for you terrorize your mind and soul with prejudices and media junk without actually having any clue,
with a heart full of hate and a derogative glance,
the perfect attitude to support racism and intolerance
but you keep blaming a  group of people who have nothing to do with what goes wrong in the world,
the limit between these two aspects became totally blurred
due to people like you who keep spreading these lies -
Just because some sheep went astray while all others went right,
because some stopped following their shepherd, does it automatically make all the sheep blind?

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

You will not enter Paradise until you believe and you will not believe until you love each other. Shall I show you something that, if you did, you would love each other? Spread peace between yourselves. 

(Sahih Muslim 54; Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Imam Muslim)

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