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Sky is the limit - Butterfly's tale of separation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"Once upon a time, there was a little world no human eye has ever seen,
a hidden place deep down the woods, covered under the shades of leafs. 
A place where everything was dark and small, and its inhabitants were even smaller,
a place which never saw a ray of sunlight and was filled with tiny crawlers.
'Total darkness?,' you now might wonder, 'How could they put up with that?
A life without the warmth of light, did they not ever become sad?' 
Well, let me ask you my dear friend, how can something you don't know, ever be considered bad?

Now these little friends lived their lives the way it was, day in, day out,
never thought about it, never questioned, never asked, what life could be about,
and amongst all these creatures there was this one, who used to play with friends,
friends, who spent their day not doing good - doing things which in fact made no sense.
Yet still she rested amongst them, although she sometimes thought
that life could not be this dark, that there was something, which needed to be sought.

So she would isolate sometimes, but an answer she would not find,
until she one day met another thinker, who had the same questions on his mind.
'Is this all there is?,' she'd ask, 'There's got to be way more' he'd reply,
from then on the little crawlers searched, until they no longer could deny:
For one day, as they would walk along the dreary roads of their dark home,
they'd pass a tiny little corner, which was covered by a massive stone.
Being thinkers now, they wondered, 'What might be there behind it?',
so they would shyly sneak towards and try to climb and find it.
Helping each other, both young ones moved up the enormous height,
and for the first time ever in their existence witnessed the smooth touch of earth and light.
How beautiful it was, this 'thing' they did not know,
a sense of happiness and peace and calm would cover them, from head down to the toe.
There were no words to describe the mighty power they perceived,
'How senseless and how dull life was, how it sometimes did deceive...'
Now both of them made it their habit to visit this place daily, trying to discover its full size,
the more they saw, the higher they wished to rise.
So as they rose and explored the world, they soon would recognize
that there was something higher, some deeper sense to their existence, some profound purpose in their lives,
and that nothing would remain unsolved if they would go out and strive.
'How senseless and how dull life was, how it sometimes did deceive...'

For the first time ever they would see that they themselves could actually develop,
that they could progress and become better, that there was still a lot of hope.
They realized this when they one day understood that not leafs, but clouds would cover the sky,
and that in this fair and lovely sky would fly a butterfly.
A gorgeous creature that could get up very, very high.
'How senseless and how dull life was, how it sometimes did deceive...'
But this creature that they saw had wings, it surely could do seize

the light they marvelled all the time, to do so as well was a dream in which they now could finally believe.

'I want to be one, too,' she once admitted yearning, teary-eyed, 
'I know that you can be,' he encouragingly replied -
'But, you do know, we would need to seperate our ways,
for in order to find the truth and light, we both need to go away.
Leave the place, the friends, the life we had and start up comepletely new,
for we will only find our peace if we could reach out for the moon.
And never will I reach it, until I have not covered inside a cocoon.'
'I know,' he whispered, 'go for it, for, I promise, if it's meant to be,
we'll meet again on the same path, since the same goal is what we strive to achieve.
Verily, we will indeed remain in this connection
As long as we keep heading into the same direction.
Be sure, if we do choose the right path, we certainly will meet, hopefully mature,
for on that day both of us will have thrived into our most blessed nature.'

So the young crawlers went their ways to try to become the best,
the best they could ever be, facing hard struggles in their quest.
The friends they used to have before would not avoid complaining,
since the two would leave them now for good, for their company was where they could no longer be remaining.
As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months - as time just was passing by,
the little crawler lady finally turned into a complete butterfly.

As she targetted the light she saw, the very one she'd always desire,
she spread her wings to go for it and as she raised up higher,
she heard a familiar voice right next to her, on the very same route,
asking 'Did I not promise that our righteousness would lead us to the truth?
Did I not promise, that we'd meet again, if goodness was, what we we're heading to?'
The sight was just amazing: this full-grown on her side,
who started out with her as a tiny little crawler on the low ground in deep darkness,
now chasing the light with her, for in purity they would strive to abide.

'How senseless and how dull life was, how it sometimes did deceive...'
A long, hard way it was, with struggles and tears, worries and fears,
many risks, trembling uncertainity, they admit,
but see, if you go for the higher purpose, it will defenitely all be worth it.
Now they know that if what you go for has any trace of good in it,
Then only sky is the limit - 
and there is no limit."

Sometimes people go seperate ways, willingly, or unwillingly. Most of the time it hurts.

But no friend is a good, genuine friend, if s/he does not help you on your path of goodness, let alone the path of the Creator. 
If you see someone walking out of your life, be sure that as long as you both move on the right way, you will meet again. 
If not, one of you lost it.

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