Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

Family Portrait

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear Sir or Madam, dear world outside,

I would like to introduce myself to an audience worldwide.
I am young and dynamic and I have discipline, too,
Probably because there is a lot I have been through?
I was taught to follow a strict plan, day in, day out, without any exception,
I condemn lies, hatred, backbiting, as well as deception.
I try my best to serve society, to feed the poor,
To care for the orphans and to always have an open door
For the one who is in need or who has something to go through - 
To spread peace and to greet whom I know and whom I don't,
To treat everyone mercifully, as if we were all connected by the same strong bond,
To love for my brother what I love for myself,
To feed my soul and my intellect daily - not via TV, but with those books on my shelf -
Yet people don't like us here, even though they don't know our personality,
Which is a very sad reality, still I'd like to tell you some about my family:

Praise be to God, what a large family we are,
We love each other, no matter how close we are or how far,
We are all equal, 'cause for us there is only one 'star'
whom we follow but don't worship, who always preferred diplomacy over war,
who taught us to always think positively, regardless of how things may seem,
who educated us and trained us to become a worldwide team,
to cry when your brother cries, to be happy when your sisters beam
out of joy and to always have a shoulder to lean
on, just as I know there will always be one for me -
If I had no food or would fast, I know, I could knock at some random door
of one of my brother's or sister's home and there would always be more
Food for me than for themselves and I'd have a bed while they'd sleep on the floor -

My family - these days we cried a lot for the injustice we suffered,
So many tears we shed, so many desperate prayers we offered,
Like a body we are: if one part feels pain, all of it falls into fever, becomes sleepless,
but when we see each other healing, we feel the sweetness
of solidarity, brotherhood - we harmonize like a band,
because we stick together, how hard doesn't matter, like an inside out twisted hand
and on Ramadhan and during Hajj we reach the peak of unity,
recharge our hearts and souls - one nation under His praise - no matter how hard the cruelty
we're facing -
But right now? Right now things are actually pretty amazing,
Since one of our innocent brothers is finally set free,
and there is nothing more I love to see
than the view of justice and the happiness of my family -
So welcome back, dear brother Moazzam Begg,
May Allah reward and bless you, along with all our innocent captured brothers and sisters, and bring them back.

Oh, how rude of me, of my misbehaviour I am ashamed,
please excuse me for starting off without telling mine and my family's name,
You might have heard a lot about us, but most of it is only bad rumour -
Pleased to meet you, my name is Muslim, and this is my worldwide Muslim family, my ummah.

الحمد الله

عيد مبارك ('Eid moubarak), may Allah tabarakuh wa ta'ala accept their Hajj & make us the next. اللهم آمين

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