Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

To my reflection

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Looking at you I can see myself
Right in front of me, staring at my other half
And I wonder whether I am being fooled or is this picture showing the truth and what about our thoughts?
Are they all the same, just like our outer appearance, or are they any different like our names
and what about our plans and our hopes and dreams and
all these questions, yet not a single answer to bother -
We don't speak, yet we know every single move of each other,
I know everything about you yet I do not know a thing,
I can see you, perceive you, through this thick glass in front of me,
but are you really real and am I really what I see?
And how you changed since the last time I looked at you
closely and all that I made you go through,
All that I wished for you finally became true
and I'm reminiscing about our past
How we longed for change, went astray, fell down, made mistakes
but found the way at last,
How seeing you changed me into what I am and how this changed you into what you are since you are my reflection,
My own self in the mirror with whom I share this nonverbal connection - 

I'm so sorry for what I made you go through and what I made myself look at,
how I used to share you with the whole wide world
At times it just makes me so upset
but times changed, I changed - we changed - and now I love to see how my self-respect hovered, 
I'm so proud to finally see you completely covered,
and just as we gave separation to gain elevation, 
how we finally submitted to God's revelation,

I hope I will, one day maybe,

do just as I am now staring at you,

I pray I can, one day hopefully,

do the same in Jannah -

Stare at you, enjoy the view
and just thankfully reminisce
about what we went through -
But until then I submit to my Lord and I praise Him day and night,
I thank Him for enabling me to observe this sight and for leading us out of the darkness onto His beautiful path of light,
For giving sense to my existence and for saving me from my sins,
as I walked dangerously close to the rim
and since you're my reflection I believe so do you,
'cause we're one of very few this precious present was given to,
so let us keep the mirror between us and let the silence remain,
Until the day when our hearts will finally retain
His words so deeply that we live according to His decree,
Until that day the shadow of His word will be the place where we'll always agree,
His face the only thing we long for to see -

Until that day let us work on ourself
With patience, obedience - let us make the best of our self
'Cause we need to exist with the same conception
 in order to exist together as each other's reflection,
So that we can ride together, 
 And fly together
and ان شاء الله we'll die together.

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