Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Word on the street

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It's pitch black

I gotta get back

Because my kids really need to eat -
Damn, I can't move,
another day they got nothing to eat -
Please, I gotta get up on my feet,
find some food and a warm place with a heat,
can't let them sleep on the cold street -
The street that already took my baby away
when she could barely speak,
sneaking on the ground, out of thirst, in the creek,
desperately looking for some leftovers, freezing -
Yet she was just one soul of a lot
Nobody noticed my baby was shaking and sneezing -
'Cause they got deaf by the constant sound of gunshot -
Blinded by their desires, money rules the world -
I mean, what kinda world is this?
We keep screaming, yet we remain unheard -
Is it my voice that is too low?
Or am I being unconscious or just part of a big show?
Are they waiting for the number of dying babies and homeless orphans to grow?
Why does nobody hear my sorrow?
I'm lying flat in this darkness,
helpless, yet selfless,
but the world remains careless,
not a glimpse of fairness -
How can they eat more and share less -
Shameless - while there are lost souls out there, crying
'We gotta survive, come on, now keep trying',
and watch my baby dying...
It's ice cold
I can't take a hold
of my tremendously trembling body -
Mommy, Mommy,
I'm on my own, I got lost, why are you so far from me?
I couldn't stand it any longer
this daggering cold, this hard ground, the urge to finally eat - it got stronger
Mama I'm sorry, but I really needed to drink some of that water
I remember you told me 'It's dirty, don't drink it, I can't lose another daughter'
But it was either that or becoming a victim of slaughter,
I mean, it's already been said so often, but this world is so heartless
People obeying their drives like slaves, dead souls, eyes like empty holes, thoughtless -
While we're being buried under these overwhelming waves,
waves of diseases, bullets, under all this pain -
They said there are people in this world who actually succeed to sustain
themselves and their families without trouble,
who live in big warm houses, giving half, but gaining double?
Owning cars, computers, TV's, hoarding loads of cash -
They said, they even throw some food into the trash?
Mommy, Mommy, how can that be, they're lying, right?
I mean, how can they be so lavish, so selfish, while we're stuck in this fight?
I mean, they could easily put an end to this and bring us some light? Right?!
How can they take it any further? But Mommy, this is murder!
Dear outside world, please tell me these are nothing but tales,
Dear outside world, please ensure me, you're not busy with sales
as we're struggling to survive - God willing -
All this killing,
this blood spilling,
dying to finance someone else's future inheritance -Dear Mr. President - am I really worth less than your residence?
Is my life just equal to the light of a candle,
turned off in a simple blow;
am I just another easy throat to strangle?
Didn't I also bear dreams and hopes, didn't I deserve a scope,
to grow up and realize them in like other kids do?Didn't I at least deserve a puberty to go through?They say children are the world's future - sorry, I guess future is dead now and there won't be any,
'cause children, innocent children, keep dying daily, so many,
starving on the icy ground, dead bodies thrown into a hole -
And no - liking our Pictures on Facebook won't free my People!
I can see them passing by while I'm fainting, lying in this creek, full of dirt and mud,
breathing out life, slowly, losing it all in this creek of my own blood -
My limbs become heavy and I can't hear any more noises,
no worrying voices,
no more disturbing choices -
Mommy, be strong, as you have always been and don't you ever lose faith
And Mommy, don't worry, I love you, and now I'm in a better place.

...It's pitch black
I gotta get back
Because my kids really need to eat -
Damn, I can't move neither arm nor feet
Trying to wake up from this nightmare, eyes strugglin' to open,
nothing happens, totally numb, no more hope left -Life is passing before my eyes, pictures of laughter and cry,
memories over memories - all there is left are my good and my bad deeds -
Where am I going now?
Energy's decreasing, life is coming to an ending, but how?
I've witnessed death, yet I never thought about my own -
Did you ever ask yourself whether we're leaving this world completely alone?
There's no way back to even change a tiny detail, only 'pass' or 'fail' -
No more chances to help, share or care -
Destiny's books are closed
for eternity, gotta stand in now for what I've done -But I'm not scared
For it was me who cried for help and never got none -
It's rather you who should change the role
Since you as well are going to be thrown into this hole, all alone -
Egoistic, superficial, selfish - is that how you wanna leave this world?
Listen to the word on the street: Wake up and save your soul.

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