Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Love confession

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

I used to exist with no purpose in life,

I walked around, clueless about where I'd arrive,
Every morning I wondered where I would go,
At night I would still not know
Why I was here and what was my goal,
Day in, day out - a captive inside this black whole..

 From darkness You brought me to light,
 I was lost in blindness, but You cleared my sight,
My Creator, my Sustainer, my Lord, my Guide,
Whose greatness lies
beyond human mind,
I will follow You for the rest of my life -

Oh, sweet scent of enslavement, how You set me free,
Oh, sweet taste of humbleness, through which You elevated me,
Oh, sweet view of obedience, through which You honored me -

How blessed is the head which lies in prostration,
How blessed is the heart which is freed from this world's chains through Your pure salvation

I never feared death but always feared not having lived,
Not knowing what to do with this beautiful gift
That I now devote to You, for You are the truth -
All perfect praise and thanks is only to You,
To You, the Everlasting, who has always been,
To You, who knows the plain and the unseen,
You, who is One, the king of the entire universe,
To You we belong and to You we surely will return -
I long for Your closeness, to rise up above,
Like a lonely lover, separated from his love...

Oh You, whom no eyes have ever seen and no mind can comprehend,
Who knows the exact number of my tears and remembers what I forget,
Oh You, who answers to my every call and who catches me, no matter how hard I fall

Oh, ever loving, ever living,
Oh, exceedingly forgiving,
Oh, Most merciful of mercifuls,
Oh, source of all peace and Creator of every soul,
I don't have a lot, but only one heart to give,
So to You I submit as long as I live
In hope to enter Your garden one day and see Your beautiful face,
By Your majesty and grace, I'm thankful for all You gave and
I try my best to please You, so please accept from Your sinful slave.

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