Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Formula of Love

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

They say that love before marriage
Is but the result of transgression
And verily, it is towards sin the carriage,
If you do not mind its expression

Thus love, but do not love out of lust
For only the conscienceless animal haunts for the mere flesh -
Love like a human, from a distance, be like dust,
Covering your blossom's purity under your God-conscious security

Let your love be like a child,
Innocent and shy -
For love is meant to be calm and peaceful, not furious and wild

Thus love, but love innocently -
Just like modesty and shyness guard from sins,
Remain behind the curtain of shame and watch your beloved differently,
With a lowered gaze, for only the righteous are promised to win

For love is not made but to elevate, to raise high,
And elevation lies in submission only,
Love is ought to be pure and holy,
Thus submit but to the ever Loving, ever Living, the Pure, the Holy,
So that this love might always live and never fade, never die

They say that death's cousin is sleep,
And in daytime we resurrect -
So when the bond of marriage is tied,
Every night, let us together fall asleep, just as having died -
And in daytime let us together wake up - as if from the grave we erect -
So we might one day die together,
And resurrect together before the One in whose love we will love each other forever.


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  2. amazing reminder on the prophet Muhammad's (saw) #last sermon