Freitag, 19. August 2016

Lost Soul (spoken word)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the deepest dark of the night
I follow my way through
into every avenue,
every corner, every vein, all the way down to the roots, I
bring her freedom, peace, tranquility,
try to convince her, to the best of my abilities -

I am strong & I pull her down with force,
try to steer her into the right direction, but she keeps holding tight to her chains as if there was some reason for remorse
if she just let go -
I wish she would just let go
so that I could show her the road,
the path towards light,
the end of her fight,
the peace of her mind,
the answer to her questions,
the liberation of her rights -
But she doesn't let go - 
I wish she would just let go,
I wish I could ease her pain, her sorrow,
but she doesn't let go -

Instead she
sticks to enslavement like a drug addict,
keeps swallowing life's poison because she can't predict
success, hapiness, justice, so she
embraces fear, endless tears, being busted
in her dreary, dark cell called her lost soul -

Being scared of the future equals being scared of the unknown,
so she sticks with the pain fully known,
known helplessness, anxieties, always being scared
of tomorrow -
instead of following me -
prosperity, spring of the heart, liberty, eternity -

All I want is to show her mercy
Not my own flawed one but that of the Supreme, 
whose mercy is greater than any worldly entity -
Come with me, I wanna set you free,
show you the truth, lead you to purpose, tell you reasons to finally be & love yourself,
unlock all those chains around your neck, 
heaven is waiting, let's fly & never look back -

But you just don't let go...
If only you knew that home is just one step away -
But you just don't dare to stand straight in bliss, 
so I pull you down,
down on your knees,

so you can better see 
where you're supposed to be and
until then... I'll sit here 
and wait,
till you realize who I am - 
your strength, your faith and
you finally follow me out of darkness into light,
to the truth, to freedom in submission, to the only path right... Home.

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